Hydraulic Elevators Imported from Italy Nova



Celcius Systems directly supply, install, and service full range of Nova Elevators as well as providing spares and replacement parts. Nova Elevators are Advanced & Futuristic products. Celcius Systems is an original line of Hydraulic home Elevators, intended for Residential and Commercial Applications

Nova Elevator are designed to be energy efficient and minimise consumption. These Home Lifts Provide Perfect vertical mobility Solutions considered excellent for Indoor and Outdoor installations or for Existing residential buildings.

Celcius Systems offers customers with independent choice coupled with award winning reliability & Standards of Nova Home Lifs . Celcius Systems Helps to keep your elevators running smoothly, but we are also dedicated and committed to improving the reliability, durability and performance of all your lifts.

Celcius Systems offers a comprehensive range of Elevator products, services which can be Installed in to both Private & public buildings from apartment blocks, schools, and care homes to shopping centres,restaurants, offices Within Andhra Pradesh & Telengana.

  • No headroom and no pit required
  • Comes in different customizable sizes
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Option of selecting swing or automatic doors
  • Speed of 0.2 or 0.3 m/s
  • Can be Hydraulic or Gearless
  • Comes in glass or metal structure in powder coated or steel Cladded finishes