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Celcius Systems has been formed with the desire to give our customers world class home products which not only add to the aesthetics but also gives pleasure in using them. In other words our focus is total customer satisfaction. We wish to be a one stop location offering products for the home segment and are totally committed to after sales services. It is our firm belief that when a customer buys a world class premium product it is only natural that he expects the best service and we guarantee that since we make sure that we represent companies who believe in this philosophy.

We are authorised dealers for :

celius systems
offering you Hydraulic Home Elevators for 3 or more passengers up to G+4 application and requiring only 120mm pit to be flush with floor level or can be installed on the finished floor with a step in level of 120mm(5 inches) and does not require any head room.
celius systems
for Pneumatic Home Elevator for 2 passengers up to G+ 2 applications. These elevators also do not require any head or pit room and occupy only 1 metre diameter space and can be installed in any location in the house.
celius systems
M/s. Graandprix Elevators India pvt. Ltd, Mumbai

Taking water excitement to a new level with superior technology and breakthrough products for the joy of customers.

  • Compass Ceramic Swimming Pools, Europe
  • Biodesign Earth Friendly Pools, Italy
  • Filtrinov Pipeless filter, France,
  • Magiline Liner Pools, France
  • Softub Whirlpool & Spas USA
celius systems

Solar solutions

Apart from the above offerings from the international companies we also supply and install high quality Solar Water Heating Systems of Celcius Brand from our company. We have the expertise to give you the very best since our company has to its credit the world’s largest solar water heating system delivering 1, 20,000 litres per day. We have a large number of installations in hotels, hospitals, software companies, housing colonies and individual home and residential schools all across the country. We would be continuously adding to our portfolio with a clear eye to offer you the very best solutions.